1-5/8" Fork Latch Hanger
1-5/8" Fork Latch Hanger
1-5/8" Fork Latch Hanger

1-5/8" Fork Latch Hanger

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Our fork latch hanger does just that! It attaches to the gate frame to hold the latch that will couple the gate post, securing the gate in place. Fork latch hangers are sometimes known as fork collars or fork clamps.

  • Fits a 1-5/8” sized gate frame
  • Commonly used for residential gates
  • Galvanized steel 
  • Carriage bolt and nut not included (Part 11170)

How the part fits? The fork latch hanger clamps around the gate frame where you would like to attach the fork latch. The fork latch will be sandwiched between the protruding end of the hanger, secured with a nut and bolt (not included).

Fits 1-5/8" OD gate frame; .37lbs.

Place one piece of the hanger on either side of the gate frame, and secure it with a nut/bolt on the inside of the gate frame first. Slide the fork latch between the outer bolt holes of the hanger, securing in place but allowing the fork latch to swing up and down to secure the gate to the gate post.