Limited Warranty Statement

American Fence Company warrants its fence, railings, and specialty products for one year, subject to the conditions and limitations listed herein, to be free of defective materials when subject to normal and proper use.

American Fence Company, Inc. shall not be liable for, and this warranty does not apply to, any failure, defect, or damage resulting from and/or connected with the following:

  1. Any further maturation and natural drying of wood products that result in splitting, bowing, warping, or cracking of materials. This is a natural process that cannot be predicted nor prevented, and thus cannot be warranted.

  2. Any alteration, adjustments, or settling of materials as a result of freeze/thaw cycle, further settling of soil, and varied precipitation that may cause ground swell. This includes gates, gate posts, and associated alignments. This is a natural process that cannot be predicted nor prevented, and thus cannot be warranted.

  3. Any failure of installation as a result of an “act of God” that will include high winds (50 mph or greater), tornadoes, hail, fire, and violent storms.

  4. Any gate adjustments due to normal and/or abnormal use. This is to be considered a maintenance item that may be corrected by the homeowner.

  5. Any natural adjustment of color of materials to be considered anticipated and expected. All materials will undergo a degree of adjustment of color as a result of direct exposure to sunlight and weather conditions.

  6. Any corrosion, scaling, or residue left as a result of above average continued exposure to precipitation. Some water used in irrigating your yard will have a higher concentration of iron or calcium that will leave a residue.

Many of American Fence Company manufacturers offer a material-only warranty beyond this one year warranty. If interested in qualifying for this extended warranty, please contact American Fence Company for further manufacturer warranty product registration. Any manufacturer warranties do not include labor and incidentals necessary to repair or replace the product.

All claims under this warranty must be reported in writing with proof of purchase to American Fence Company within thirty (30) days of the date that the defect is first discovered or reasonably could be discovered. A reasonable time should be allowed for inspection purposes. American Fence Company will be the sole judge of whether or not the fencing is defective and whether the defect is to be considered under warranty. If American Fence Company agrees that the defect is to be covered under this warranty, it reserves the right to remedy the situation as it sees fit. No incidental or consequential damages will be paid. Any statement, remark, or agreement of any agent of American Fence Company not in accordance with the terms and conditions stated herein will not be supported and recognized by American Fence Company. By accepting our product, you in turn understand and agree with the terms and conditions stated herein.